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Lightning Links:

National Lightning Safety Institute

Lightning Safety National Weather Service

Lightning & Atmospheric Electricity Research at GHCC

West Virginia Lightning

University of Illinois Lightning Injury Research Program

Lightning & Boats

Striking Images

Lightning Strike Survivors

Lightning Technologies

Lightning Talks

National Severe Storms Laboratory

Boltek Lightning Detectors

More Lightning Links



Welcome to my Lightning page.  

My professional interests and consulting practice include the following:

Lightning Overvoltages on Power and Communications Systems

Lightning Protection of Structures

Lightning Hardening

Lighting Location & Warning

Lightning Forensics

Lightning Death & Injury

If you are interested in my help in solving a lightning-related problem, please contact PowerCET Corporation ,where you will find full details of consulting and training services that we offer, including our fee schedule.

If you'd like to reach me directly, my contact information can be found on the PowerCET home page.

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