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Welcome to Mike the Strike's home page.  

Here, you will find links to various other pages that include both my professional and recreational interests.  

In the Business section, you'll find short essays on lightning, power quality, electromagnetic fields and stray voltage as well as copies of articles and papers.  There are also plenty of links to other sites of interest.  I have also added a link to PowerCET Corporation, the California-based consulting firm I have worked with for the past ten years.  Here you will find full details of consulting and training services that we offer.

In my Personal section, two of the main areas you'll find are aviation, especially soaring, and travel.  The latter includes some of our more interesting hiking and overseas exploration trips.  I'll also be  adding pages on my amateur astronomy and Arizona weather soon.

If you'd like to contact me, my personal e-mail address is Stringmike@msn.com

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