Hobbs Soaring Forecast
Mike the Strike


Additional Links

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Dr. Jack's SW ETA Blipmaps

Soaring Article 
on using Blipmaps

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The new Soaring Forecast format is designed to be easier to navigate by leading users through a logical sequence of steps, rather than by providing all the information on one page.  The recommended sequence is shown below, with each section leading you to the next.  Users can skip any step if they want specific information by clicking on the link.

1 - Current Weather 
(Summary maps, satellite & radar)

2 - Forecast Weather 
(Weather Service forecast weather & winds)

3 - Hobbs Weather Links
National Weather Service, ADDS, Flight Service Stations, Satellite, Radar, Blipmaps

4- XC Skies

5-XC Skies igc upload