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This web site is provided as an attempt to summarize available data on thermal soaring conditions in Hobbs from several meteorological sources.  Of most interest to recreational sailplane pilots, this site contains links to daily data but will also be updated by the author with more details during Regional and National contests.  Links to the main pages of data sources are given for those who want to get further details.  For a brief introduction to thermal forecasting, click here.  For a more expanded tutorial by Larry Huffman, go here,  For more links, go to Dr. Jack's Soaring Explanations Links.

Latest Hobbs Forecast
Mike the Strike's latest analysis and summary of conditions - updated during contests.  This includes local observations, such as local cloud or rainfall, that may modify computer predictions.

Soundings for Hobbs, LubbockOdessa
Latest forecast soundings linked from the Forecast Systems Laboratory and available most hours every day (high-speed Internet connection recommended).  

Links to Dr. Jack's Blipmaps 
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Thermal Strength, Critical Thermal Height
Boundary Layer Depth
Useful for visualizing depth of lift over terrain
Thermal Height Variability
Measure of possible height variability and also a good measure of sensitivity of thermal strength to maximum temperature
Wind Speed & Direction in the Boundary Layer 
Cumulus Potential
& Cloudbase
Overdevelopment Potential
Buoyancy/Shear Ratio

If this ratio is less than 5, thermals may be broken by wind shear.

National Weather Service: Midland/Odessa, Hobbs Forecast & Discussion
Links to the ad-free updated National Weather Service sites, this also links to satellite and radar maps.

Weather Underground, Nexrad

Hobbs Weather Station Data

Satellite Visible, IR, Water Vapor

NWS Midland/Odessa, Lubbock 

NLDN: USA Lightning Map
Low resolution but useful and free map from the National Lightning Detection Network (based in Tucson)