ASW 20  "WA"


ASW-20  "WA" ( N24WA, serial # 20488) was imported by Wally Scott of Odessa Texas in late 1981 and it first flew in the spring of 1982.  Wally flew the ship on many cross-country flights, including several award-winning Barringer Trophy flights.  When not flying, the ship was hangared in Odessa.  

The only reported damage history was a heavy landing from a failed auto-launch that collapsed the gear.  A new gear assembly was installed and the minor damage repaired.

I bought the glider in the summer of 1999 when Wally gave up flying due to ill health.  At the time, the log book showed 1690 hours.


I brought the glider to Arizona in July 1999 and flew it locally that summer.  In the winter of 1999, the glider was substantially overhauled and improved:

  • Wederkind sleeves were added to all flight controls
  • All aileron and flap seals were replaced and upgraded
  • The panel was completely rebuilt with all new instruments and radio
  • Lead ballast added by Wally was removed
  • New main tire and wheel axle were installed

From 2000 on, I have flown it in Arizona Soaring Association  contest series, winning the "B" class that year, and in three Region 9 contests.

In 2001, a trailer wheel and its axle were slightly damaged in a minor traffic accident on my return from Hobbs and as a result I had a new axle and tow bar assembly fitted.  This now includes hydraulic brakes.

Current Equipment

The glider has approximately 2200 hours, no damage since I have owned it and had its latest annual in April 2004.

The panel includes:

Winter Air Speed Indicator

Borgelt B 50 Main Vario/Speed to fly

Borgelt B 40 Backup Vario 

Borgelt B 2000  Flight computer with remote


Radio: Becker with boom microphone



Other equipment includes;

 Nelson oxygen system with 22 liter bottle

Water system;  heavy duty bags with original Schleicher valves

Two wing stands

Tow-out gear

Strong parachute


1978 Komet with upgraded axle and US tow bar with hydraulic brakes